Income Certificate Service in Nashik

Income Certificate Service in Nashik

The main aim of our Government is to manage the country and keep it progressing. The varied needs of the people as a whole should be kept in mind and a ‘push’ needs to be given wherever necessary. Various schemes have been launched by both the State and Central Governments that the citizens can benefit from. However, in a country where the population is in billions, it is difficult to identify who is genuinely eligible for what type of benefit.
Therefore, the government issues various types of certifications on the submission of valid proofs. One such type of certification is the Income Certificate. It can be used to take benefit of those schemes where eligibility is determined based on the annual income of the person or his/her family.

What is an Income Certificate?

An Income Certificate is a document issued by an authority under the State Government certifying the annual income of a person or his family from all sources. The actual authority that issues such a certificate varies from state to state. It is usually the Village Tehsildars that issue the certificate but many states and union territories also have District Magistrate, Deputy Commissioner, Collector, Revenue Circle Officers, Sub Divisional Magistrates or other District Authorities appointed for this purpose.
The income of an individual / individual members of a family from all sources for issuing income certificate will be calculated as follows:
  • Income from salary: The basic pay, Dearness Allowance (DA), special pay and other allowances, if any, are considered for the calculation of the income of a salaried member. The Travelling Allowance (TA), House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Honorarium received for special work are excluded from the salary income.
  • Income from business or profession: Business income, income from any profession or consultation/agency work of a family member is calculated on the basis of Income Tax Return (ITR) filing. If the member is a non-assessee, income will be considered on the declaration of the assessee.
  • Income from pension: The Pension Payment Order (PPO) is the main criteria to calculate income from the pension of a family member. However, it excludes commutation amounts.
  • Income from daily wage/labour: The declaration from the daily labourer will be considered for calculating the daily/monthly wage income.
  • Income from real estate: The rent received or brokerage charges received by a family member from real estate will be considered as income. However, the income will be after deducting annual maintenance charges.

Uses of Income Certificate

As mentioned earlier, the income certificate acts as a proof of eligibility to various schemes and benefits granted by the State Government in various fields. These fields include but are not limited to:
  • Educational institutions that usually have a quota reserved for people from economically poorer backgrounds. This certificate helps them secure admission either free of cost or at a concession.
  • Scholarships offered by some institutions/governments targeting the upliftment of the poor.
  • Availment of medical benefits like free or concessional treatment, subsidised medicines, financial assistance to mothers who give birth to girl child, etc.
  • Obtaining loans from the respective government employers at a concessional rate of interest.
  • Providing relief to victims of various natural calamities and disasters.
  • Getting different kinds of pension such as widows, old age pension, agricultural labourers pension, etc.
  • Providing financial aid available to the Ex-Servicemen.
  • Getting free ration, etc.
  • Applying for government jobs available to specific reserved categories.
  • Claiming entitlement to hostels, flats or other such government accommodation.

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Documents Required for Income Certificate Service in Nashik

The following documents are to be attached at the time of submitting the application form online.
  • Age Proof: Applicant Birth Certificate /School leaving Certificate/ Pan Card.
  • Address Proof: Ration Card / Voter ID /Passport/ Driving License /Electricity bill/ Water bill / property tax receipt.
  • Photograph: Applicant passport size photograph.
  • Identity Proof: Aadhar Card / Voter ID /Driving License.
  • Proof of Income: Form 16 if salaried, income tax return statement, salary slip.

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